Are You Ready To Finally Get Calm, Confident, and in Control of Your Fertility?

Discover how preparing your body through a Preconception Program can help you have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.

You’ve spent every spare moment Googling “how to get pregnant”. You’ve tried everything and anything that other women have suggested on fertility forums and Instagram that helped them get pregnant. But you’re still not pregnant. You’re afraid that your body is failing you. You’re afraid that you’ll never get pregnant. You feel stressed, hopeless, and isolated. Naturopathic Doctor and fertility coach, Dr. Mary Sawdon knows your struggles all too well. Not only did she overcome her own fertility hurdles, but also she’s become an in-demand educator and go-to fertility coach for practitioners and patients alike.

Ever Wonder Why You Can’t Get Pregnant While Other Women Seem to “Sail” Through Their Cycle and Easily Fall Pregnant?

Ever burst out crying after seeing another friend’s pregnancy announcement on Facebook? Or after getting yet another baby shower invitation?

Maybe you’ve already put a lot of effort into your health – from monitoring your BBT and cervical mucous, eating well, exercising regularly, to getting regular check-ups only to be told “everything is ok” or “you’re in the normal range” or “just relax, you’ll get pregnant soon”.

All the while, you still haven’t fallen pregnant – despite eating better and exercising harder than ever.

Maybe you’re even feeling cheated by how much effort you put in and you just can’t get that elusive BFP.

Mary Sawdon understands exactly what you’re experiencing right now, because she also experienced years of infertility. She’s gone through miscarriages, IUI, and IVF before eventually getting pregnant and having her baby boy.

Her fertility struggles ignited the passion within her to help other women get pregnant and stay pregnant. This led her to attaining her naturopathic medicine degree and additional training in Integrative Fertility Coaching to help more women attain their dream of being a mother.

As a naturopathic doctor and integrative fertility coach, she is on a mission to help as many women as possible through her coaching practice, Fertility Fundamentals.

Ever Wonder, Will I Become a Mother? Will I Ever Hold My Baby in My Arms?

If so, I get it. I’ve said that too.

You’ve tried many things to get pregnant. And you’re wondering, “What am I missing?”

The truth is, you know in your heart something’s off! This isn’t normal for your body… but you just don’t know where to turn.

On top of that, you’re dealing with a huge to-do list, trying to excel in your career, but at the same time, you’re afraid that your biological clock is ticking.

You feel overwhelmed with all the information on fertility on the Internet. You’ve read all the forum posts and Instagram advice. You don’t know if something will work for you. Let me do the research for you, so you won’t feel overwhelmed.

With my medical and naturopathic background, I’ve sifted through the studies and debunked the myths and superstition. I’ve looked at the evidence and read the studies and journal articles for you. I’ve put together a simple and actionable program that you can implement immediately so you can establish a good foundation for your journey to baby.

You have control. Right here. Right now

Preconception care is the ultimate form of Preventative Medicine. It ensures the health of future generations. Remember that your eggs take 100 days to mature. While, sperm takes up to 116 days to generate. During this time, they’re vulnerable to toxicity and nutrient deficiency. That’s why optimizing your health prior to conception and starting an IVF cycle is ideal to ensure good quality eggs and sperm.

About the Fertility Foundations Program

This comprehensive, 9-module course provides easy to understand information and actionable steps that you can easily implement in order to prepare your body for a healthy pregnancy. Keep in mind that this is informational only and doesn’t constitute a doctor-patient or client-coach relationship. However, the information will help you learn how to take action on your path to better fertility by laying a healthy foundation through better diet and lifestyle choices.


We’ll do a fridge and pantry overhaul. Learn what foods must be purchased organic and why it’s so important for fertility.

Learn how exposure to toxic environmental chemicals in the air, water, and cleaning products can disrupt your hormones and affect fertility. Learn what you need to do to optimize your home for health and fertility.

Learn how smoking, alcohol, pharmaceutical drugs, and chemicals from personal skin products are affecting your fertility.


Now that you’ve overhauled your pantry and are starting to purchase certain foods organic, you’ll learn the foundations for healthy eating. By the end of this module, you’ll understand what foods are good for fertility and which ones to avoid.

Improving physical activity levels is an affordable strategy to reduce problems with fertility. You’ll learn the foundations for healthy exercise and understand why movement will help boost fertility.

Learn the role of sleep and how it affects fertility. By the end of this module, you’ll learn tips on how to improve your sleep.


Infertility is a stressful journey. You’ll learn coping techniques to help you find calm under any circumstances.

Learn how to shift your mindset from a negative, fixed mindset to one of positivity and growth. Changing your mindset can radically transform your experience of your fertility journey.

Infertility can put a strain on your relationship with your partner. It can also feel isolating—especially when none of your family or friends are going through it or know that you’re going through it. In this final module, you’ll learn why it’s important to lean on a support system and to rekindle the connection between you and your partner.

The Investment

I’m sure the next thing you’re wondering is… how much?

Well, to make this life-changing information available to as many people as possible, it’s priced very affordably, for just a single payment of $97.

When you invest in your health, there’s no greater return on investment because it upgrades literally every area of your life! My goal was to make this course very affordable (it was originally $597) so that you can get the information that so many women are lacking – that’s keeping them stuck in the cycle of their symptoms instead of enjoying life.